Active Stand Flat - cardboard flat cover for standing work


Active Stand Flat:

  • width 50 cm x depth 40 cm x height 37 cm
  • suitable for people with a height of 175-185 cm
  • white or natural color
  • folds flat
  • one flat shelf (designed to work on a laptop)
  • recommended load up to 5 kg (enough to fit any laptop)
  • convenient to carry

Active Stand Flat Low:

  • width 50 cm x depth 40 cm x height 22 cm
  • suitable for people with a height of 160-170 cm
  • white or natural color
  • folds flat
  • one flat shelf (designed to work on a laptop)
  • convenient to carry
  • recommended load up to 5 kg

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Cardboard desk overlay for working in a standing position (flat)

Made of durable cardboard, the desk cover for work in a standing position folds flat so you can easily move it, take it to work or hide it behind the desk. This version of the cover is flat and has only one surface dedicated mainly to a laptop. [If you are looking for a solution with two shelves at different heights, choose the traditional one Active Stand]. You can put two overlays next to each other if you need more space or work on more devices (tablet, monitor, tip mixer.)

Your benefits of working standing up:

  • you will reduce or eliminate pain in the spine and neck completely
  • you will burn unnecessary calories and thus develop a prettier figure
  • you will do more tasks in a much shorter time thanks to the easier concentration and more energy that is released when your posture is standing
  • you will do the best job of your life thanks to the increased creativity that stimulates working at the computer while standing
  • your well-being and life satisfaction will improve

* There is one "but" ... This desk, with all its advantages, will not do the work for you: - / We are working on it in our development center and perhaps in the next decade we will create a version that will do all the tasks for you : )

How to choose the right size?

  1. Prepare a measuring cup.
  2. Stand at the desk where you intend to use the "cardboard" most often.
  3. If you wear any shoes on a daily basis while working at the computer, take measurements in the shoes.
  4. Bend your arms at or near a right angle, just like typing.
  5. Measure the distance from the top of the desk to the elbows.
  6. Choose the value that is closest to the dimensions provided Active Stand Flat or Active Stand Flat Low


Standidesk gives a six-month warranty on the cardboard overlay on the desk Active Stand. The warranty applies to the functionality of the product for the specified time in accordance with its intended use. This means that the product will fulfill its function for min. 6 months of use from the date of purchase. The warranty applies to the use in accordance with the intended use of the product, i.e. for office work, study, and reading.



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