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We are a life-style brand that focuses on activity, exercise, health and simple solutions that are also as close to nature as possible. That is why we have created products such as a cardboard desk Active Stand and an adjustable desk made of Active Desk plywood. The materials we use to manufacture our products come from nature and to a large extent can be recycled and reused. Natural raw materials are also supposed to have a positive effect on us. In the maze of all the plastics and electronics that surround us, products standidesk they are to remind us of nature, make us feel as if we are somewhere else, in the forest, in the natural environment, give us a breath of fresh air and remind us not to forget about adventures in our lives. This is what the products are supposed to be like standidesk.

We also care for a healthy body and a healthy mind. "In a healthy body, healthy mind". Let us not forget this very true and applicable saying. We create ergonomic products for your health. It does not end with the products themselves. We offer knowledge in the field of transition to work and everyday functioning in a standing position. We want to give you a sense of security and comfort related to the use of our products. You can count on advice, support, motivation and various challenges organized by us. We attach great importance to your success. We want to help you make progress in your life thanks to thoughtful products, after-sales support and knowledge that helps you take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the products standidesk.

All these activities are supposed to lead to your satisfaction with life, happiness
and health. We hope you will join us on this adventure.
After all, what's the harm to try?

Our mission is to help you make progress in what you do every day, giving you tools created with passion and thought out in terms of ergonomics and harmony with nature. We want to help you enjoy what you do and motivate you to live your own way.

Manifest Standidesk

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My history

Damian BezakHi, I'm Damian and I created this company for people like you. If you are here and reading these words, you are probably looking for something in your life, you want to change something for the better. I personally searched for "this" solution for a long time. I felt something was wrong. I was wondering if work at a desk or computer work is really for me. I repeated to myself many times "but I like it, I wanted to do it". Unfortunately, back pain and general fatigue as well as the longing for movement while working were more and more difficult for me. First, I started working for a dozen or so minutes at the rack, which almost perfectly fit my height and my macbook could fit on it. Then I started looking for other solutions ... And that's how it started. Briefly, I can say that this was the genesis of the uprising standidesk. It can be said that it was a typical case arising from the need to solve a problem.

I also noticed that I wasn't the only one who had this problem. Many people who work at the computer on a daily basis have it. Many of these people also wonder what is wrong with their well-being. With passion for what they want to do. Many people don't even need to change jobs
in the hope that it will change something. Unfortunately, after just a few weeks, they find out that this has not solved their problem.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to try working while standing. It may turn out to be a remedy for your worries and well-being. You will surely see some relief from back pain. You will certainly notice an increase in productivity and creativity as well. You will feel more joy in work and life. New interesting ideas will appear in your head. You will have more energy to do new things. I describe the salutary effect of working in a standing position on our health and mind in the free e-book, which you can download below.

What else do you want to know? Benjamin Franklin once said that people are most convinced of the things they discover. Therefore, I can only encourage you to learn more about working while standing, but I will not force you to convince. Begin to drill down on the topic, search, read, discover and, above all, practice. You'll find out over time. I'm sure about that.

Your friend,
Damian Bezak
founder standidesk

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